Saturday, 14 October 2017

VIDA - A LCR phono amplifier with semiconductors

Is a little gem in phono amplifier world from Aurorasound. With his great ability to reproduce music in space and shining exposure of mids.

Some words by Shinobu Karaki (Vida's builder) about devices used in this phono amplifier.
"VIDA is using JFET transistor input, bi-polar transistor output, those are NEC and Toshiba made in period from 1970 to 1990. This era was transistor golden age, like vacuum tube in 1950-1960. Audio specific low noise, very good linearity and high gain amplification transistors were developed. After 2000, there were no  good transistors , because all electronics were changed to digital, and all LSI. Currently just few transistors are manufacturing for digital switching application, of course those are not good for analog audio."

update of day 14/04/2018
In this period Mr. Karaki of Aurorasound gave us the availability of the SPC-VIDA power cord as an upgrade to the supplied power cord of Vida phono amplifier

SPC-VIDA is a DC cable (used in model Vida Supreme too) with concentric reversing twist, noise guard shield and white glass fiber exterior. This is a real upgrade for Vida with increase in resolution and also in the soundstage. Very Good !!

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