Sunday, 14 June 2015

AT33 series with a new top model

This AT33PTG cartdrige now has his big brother... Audio Technica At33Sa.

First impressions after somedays of listening At33Sa. The sonic characteristics of PTG are maintained but SA increases the efficiency of the low frequencies that are more controlled, less slow and more articulate than the PTG (I'm very fascinated about this). I am surprised by improvement in the mid-high frequencies that in PTG are 'magical'. On At33Sa there is more definition !!
A great quality that I'm noticing is that at33sa is very quiet and this allows better microcontrast and microdetails.
Up to 1000 Euro and really hard to do better !!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Le disque du free jazz - Monoceros by Evan Parker

I believe this is the best recording of soprano saxophone that Evan Parker has ever done. Genial and uncompromising experimenter, i think that Parker has not yet found an heir to this work and its performance today is not more upsetting as during periods of release of this disc. The first time i listened this record first word that i thought was WOW. Pure improvisation in shocking immediacy !! 
It was recorded (in 1978) directly to disk using the direct-cut technique. In fact, the quality of recording is very good and you can listen to every smallest resonance that is emitted by the Parker instrument in the recording room.
If you like this 'kind of music' try to listen with headphones in the evening you will not regret.
Truly Amazing !