Thursday, 19 April 2018

Return to MM cartridges ?

This is a very interesting article (here)

And (here) some info about these new Topwing cartridges ana a review (here).

But some vintage MM Carts like Audio Technica AT-ML170 and AT-ML180  are always remains very enjoyable.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

A new project

A new project for 2019. A SP-10R
(look here)

1 And (here) an interesting preview of new Technics turntables

2 (here) some info about first listen

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Record to Save - Mink DeVille with 'Cabretta'

Cabretta is first record of Willy Deville with the name Mink DeVille. The sound of this work is a right mix or r&b, soul, american rock with a touch of latin-american inspiration.
There are many good songs here: 'Cadillac walk', 'Party girls', 'Can't do without', 'Mixed up shook up girl' and initial 'Venus of avenue D'.
Pratictically a hidden masperpiece!! 
(not particularly interesting in sonic quality but very very good work)

- 1977 Cabretta - (Capitol Records 3C 064-85137)
- 1978 Return To Magenta (Capitol 3C 054-85461)

Saturday, 14 October 2017

VIDA - A LCR phono amplifier with semiconductors

Is a little gem in phono amplifier world from Aurorasound. With his great ability to reproduce music in space and shining exposure of mids.

Some words by Shinobu Karaki (Vida's builder) about devices used in this phono amplifier.
"VIDA is using JFET transistor input, bi-polar transistor output, those are NEC and Toshiba made in period from 1970 to 1990. This era was transistor golden age, like vacuum tube in 1950-1960. Audio specific low noise, very good linearity and high gain amplification transistors were developed. After 2000, there were no  good transistors , because all electronics were changed to digital, and all LSI. Currently just few transistors are manufacturing for digital switching application, of course those are not good for analog audio."

update of day 14/04/2018
In this period Mr. Karaki of Aurorasound gave us the availability of the SPC-VIDA power cord as an upgrade to the supplied power cord of Vida phono amplifier

SPC-VIDA is a DC cable (used in model Vida Supreme too) with concentric reversing twist, noise guard shield and white glass fiber exterior. This is a real upgrade for Vida with increase in resolution and also in the soundstage. Very Good !!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Osage - Record Cleaning Brush

I'm using for some years this brush with my Okki Nokki. It 's a very interesting product. Cleaning my vinyl is really very good and certainly it outperforms the performance of original brush of my Okki Nokki machine.
If you have a Okki Nokki, Vpi or Clearaudio record cleaning machine I recommend you to try this brush.
I bought Osage brush directly from website of manufacturer (here).

Recommended !!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Records to Save - Leo Kottke with 'My Father's Face'

I recently discovered this work of  Leo Kottke. I thought his records were only instrumental but this also sings and he does in great way. I have in my collection his instrumental masterpiece '6 & 12 String Guitar' that reminds certain works of John Fahey.

But here Kottke combines his music in fresh and original way with traditional elements like folk and blues creating a very personal music and little abstract but also 'very American'. 
Thanks also to the production of T Bone Burnett he alternates beautiful instrumental like 'Theme from The Rick and Bob Report' and 'William Powell' with ballads sung with his deep voice and persuasive as 'Fix My Car', 'Everybody lies' and 'Jack gets up' latter very special.  

An adorable work that forces me to the discovery of his other records like 'Greenhouse', 'My feet are smiling' and also 'Ice water'.

Sound of this record is Excellent...
Good Listening !!

Private Music (209 910)

- 1969 6 & 12 String Guitar - Takoma (C-1024)
- 1972 Greenhouse - Capitol Records (ST-11000)
- 1972 My Feet are SmilingCapitol Records (ST-11164) 
- 1974 Ice WaterCapitol Records (ST-11262)
- 1974 Dreams and all that stuff - Capitol Records (E-ST 11335)
- 1980 Guitar Music - Chrysalis (203 646-320)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

AT33 series with a new top model

This AT33PTG cartdrige now has his big brother... Audio Technica At33Sa.

First impressions after somedays of listening At33Sa. The sonic characteristics of PTG are maintained but SA increases the efficiency of the low frequencies that are more controlled, less slow and more articulate than the PTG (I'm very fascinated about this). I am surprised by improvement in the mid-high frequencies that in PTG are 'magical'. On At33Sa there is more definition !!
A great quality that I'm noticing is that at33sa is very quiet and this allows better microcontrast and microdetails.
Up to 1000 Euro and really hard to do better !!