Thursday, 11 September 2014

Listen to September

These are vinyls purchased recently, and in some cases with few euro. But above all,  these are Very Interesting works

Doc Watson - Same Title 1963 (VANGUARD VSD-79152) 
Folk Blues from US

Masahiko Togashi - Session in Paris Vol.1 Song of Soil 1979 (PADDLE WHEEL GP 3206)
Japan Free Jazz from this interesting  percussionist, with Don Cherry

David Munrow - Ecco La Primavera - Florentine music of 14th century (Argo ZRG 642) 
Beautiful Ancient Music from Early Music Consort and David Munrow

Leon Redbone - Double Time 1977 (Warner Bros RS 2971)
New discovery by this ironic and original bluesman.. Great!