Friday, 2 April 2021

Record to Save - David Wilcox with 'How Did You Find Me Here'

I like to indicate recordings that have an artistic depth but which also stand out for their recording qualities. This is a great example. David Wilcox is gentle e clean his arrangements, poetic in his semplicity and in this record he shows uncommon sweetness. Some moments to highlight are the soothing ballad 'Eye of the hurricane' or like the title track 'How did you find me here' intimate and decisive or again 'Leave it like it' with reminiscent of guitarists like Bert Jansch and which highlights a particular mixture of ragtime-folk and jazz or how traditional and popular tracks 'Jamie's secret' and 'Common as the Rain'.A sincere artist but out of ordinary because his songs contain simple reflections on life and facts that happen to us every day.

This is a that every audiophile should have! Just put it on your turntable and you should be surprised

1989  How Did You Find Me Here (A&M Records SP5275)

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